GBH/GBL drugs meter – Get anonymous, objective feedback on your GHB/GB use.

GBH/GBL drugs meter

Get anonymous, objective feedback on your GHB/GB use.

GBH/GBL drugs meter screenshot 0GBH/GBL drugs meter screenshot 1GBH/GBL drugs meter screenshot 2GBH/GBL drugs meter screenshot 3GBH/GBL drugs meter screenshot 4

Get anonymous, objective feedback on your GHB/GB use and see how it’s impacting on your life.

drugs meter knows it not just about how much GHB/GBL you take – it’s how much you take, how you take it, who you are and what else is going on in your life.

This quick, anonymous quiz assesses your GHB/GBL habits and adjusts the results based on your medical and family history – to give you a more accurate assessment of how mephedrone is affecting your life.

So if you want to know how much GHB/GBL you’re using each month or what happens when you take GHB/GBL and alcohol together, or just want tips on staying safe – check out the GHB/GBL drugs meter to see how you measure up.

Features –

•Immediate, anonymous feedback on your GHB/GBL use

•Work out how you use and how much you spend

•Drug associated problem score quiz to assess how GHB/GBL is impacting on your life

•Tips for the future and advice on cutting down

•Safer using tips

•GHB/GBL laws (UK only at present)

•GHB/GBL and driving

•GHB/GBL and safer sex – specific to gender and sexuality

GHB/GBL drugs meter was developed by Dr Adam R Winstock MBBS, BSc, MSc, MD, MRCP, MRCPsych – a Consultant Psychiatrist and Addiction Medicine Specialist based in the UK.


All information you submit to drugs meter is unidentifiable and untraceable.

drugs meter stores the anonymous data from all submissions and compiles an ever-growing database which future results are then compared to, to build a picture of how people are using drugs around the world.

drugs meter isn’t funded by any government or other organisation and is committed to giving honest, accurate information.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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