DoThinger running – Remember, everything that you need for running is You. Go. Make things happen.

DoThinger running

Remember, everything that you need for running is You. Go. Make things happen.

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DoThinger Running is the youngest innovative run tracking app. Born out of passion for running. Designed and written by runners, for runners. All people involved in building this app are runners themselves. Join the movement.

The feature list depends on you. Tell us what is that you need.

Current feature list:

* simply run and track your runs
* effective easy running calendar
* observe your daily, weekly and monthly stats
* check minimum & maximum run pace & speed
* track your distance, time, average speed & pace
* pedometer allows you to track cadence & number of steps
* discover your fastest and longes workouts
* see the running routes on the map
* minimum and maximum run pace
* automatic sync with web service
* simple online stats and activity feed
* simple bio-metrics

Features planned: let us know which are important to you.
You vote, the feature goes up on our TODO list.

* ability to follow friends workouts
* ability to chat with friends
* provide real-time tracking of your friends, on the map
* integrate heart rate monitor
* Others? What is that you need?

Note: application asks you to provide some personal information to enable
you to connect with friends and family. We do not post to your Twitter, G+ or Facebook without
you acknowledging it explicitly.

See more information:


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