Behavior Therapy Tracker – Overcome your stress and anxieties by tracking your behavior.

Behavior Therapy Tracker

Overcome your stress and anxieties by tracking your behavior.

Behavior Therapy Tracker screenshot 0Behavior Therapy Tracker screenshot 1Behavior Therapy Tracker screenshot 2Behavior Therapy Tracker screenshot 3Behavior Therapy Tracker screenshot 4Behavior Therapy Tracker screenshot 5Behavior Therapy Tracker screenshot 6Behavior Therapy Tracker screenshot 7Behavior Therapy Tracker screenshot 8Behavior Therapy Tracker screenshot 9Behavior Therapy Tracker screenshot 10Behavior Therapy Tracker screenshot 11

This application will help you over come your stress, anxieties, and/or your obsessive compulsive behaviors through the use of cognitive behavior therapy.

By recording an activity whenever you feel stressed, anxious, or a compulsive behavior, the application will aid you in becoming more conscious about your thoughts. As you become more conscious, you will be able to stop and think about the behavior and using a refocusing activity to overcome the behavior.

The application is simple to use:

– Create a list of behaviors you wish to track
– Create a list of activities you use to refocus your mind
– Record each activity and whether you successful overcame it
– View historical reports and trends to attempt and predict how to overcome your stresses, anxieties, or compulsive behaviors before they happen!

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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