FASHION BMI – Free – This application calculates your BMI


This application calculates your BMI

FASHION BMI - Free screenshot 0FASHION BMI - Free screenshot 1FASHION BMI - Free screenshot 2FASHION BMI - Free screenshot 3FASHION BMI - Free screenshot 4FASHION BMI - Free screenshot 5FASHION BMI - Free screenshot 6FASHION BMI - Free screenshot 7FASHION BMI - Free screenshot 8

Do you know your imc ( body mass index) ?
Do you know what are the clothes which emphasize you and those to avoid ?

This application calculates your BMI allowing you to know if you are in sub-weight, in overweight, in obesity…

The measure of the body mass index allows to estimate the nutritional state.
The given interpretation is applicable at the adult’s from 18 to 65 years old. It is not valid at the child’s, the pregnant woman or certain very muscular people.


-the knowledge of its body mass index (BMI)
-for men and women
-fashion advices adapted to your morphology
-the choice between 2 graphic themes

Available units: metric and imperial (americans).

Presence of advertisements.
At the end of 10 000 clicks on the advertising (with opening of the web page of the advertising and all users combined), the application will be freed and you can move silhouettes.

Available in french, english, german, spanish, italian and portuguese.

How to use it :

-choose a theme by pressing on bulbs
-define your sex by pressing on shoes
-press on the hat to reach the assistant
-change the page by dragging the screen to the right or left
-drag the vertical ruler up or down to change size
-drag the horizontal ruler to the left or right to change your weight
-press the image of Cm / Kg to convert your height and weight in Inches and Pounds
-on page 3 discover our fashion advice

See more information and download apk file:


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