EZ Health Tracker Plus – All-in-one application to track tests/measurements results for multiple people.

EZ Health Tracker Plus

All-in-one application to track tests/measurements results for multiple people.

EZ Health Tracker Plus screenshot 0EZ Health Tracker Plus screenshot 1EZ Health Tracker Plus screenshot 2EZ Health Tracker Plus screenshot 3EZ Health Tracker Plus screenshot 4EZ Health Tracker Plus screenshot 5EZ Health Tracker Plus screenshot 6EZ Health Tracker Plus screenshot 7

EZ Health Tracker Plus is an all-in-one application to effectively track test/measurement results and to calculate Body Mass Index (BMI).
This app also allows you to set goals for a specific test or a health indicator by person. The charts for various test types show how a particular health indicator compares to the goal you have setup for multiple people. Test recordings can be entered by time of the day.
You will never miss a recording for test results for you or for someone else that you are taking care of. All recordings are in a single app. This allows you to have all recordings with you all the time and to show them to the doctor.
Another benefit is to have various types of reminders by person and by test type. Reminders can be setup to be one time or re-occurring.
In addition to preset test categories, you can create your own test types which can also include Positive/Negative tests. This makes this app even more flexible to meet your needs.
Best of all, EZ Health Tracker Plus stores all data locally on your device and is NOT using remote server to store or backup collected test data.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/health-fitness


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