Metabolic IQ – Your metabolic IQ – solve the Quiz and determine your metabolic intelligence !

Metabolic IQ

Your metabolic IQ – solve the Quiz and determine your metabolic intelligence !

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As our character and personality, our metabolism also has individual characteristics. We can all eat the same thing, but our nutrition won’t be the same – between these concepts is a huge difference. Most of us know our blood group, but how about the metabolism? Foods recommended on the basis of blood groups is not always consistent with the metabolic type – does not fit our METABOLIC IQ.

Often we do dozens of allergy tests, food, on any kind of intolerance, and yet when the body is fed with poorly chosen fuel, it begins to react with aggression on any factor. And so, one bite can cause ten unwanted symptoms. We are wrong, focusing on counting calories, not knowing our individual metabolism.

Unfortunately, globalization does not take into consideration factors set out by the nature. People have always shared by the type of skin, body building, place of residence, weather conditions in which they lived and so on.
As a result of migration, multicultural societies, also typical metabolic characteristics for ethnographic group are mixed.

Metabolic IQ

Today we have smart cars, houses, computers, phones, credit cards, bank accounts, therefore we forget about our inside mechanisms, the knowledge of which makes life easier. Cooperation with our metabolic IQ can save us a lot of discomfort.

Eating incompatible with our METABOLIC INTELLIGENCE may affect on the quality of our work, efficiency in the performance of daily duties, concentration, social life and even in relationships.


To get your metabolic IQ, just solve a simple test that will assess our overall abilities and assign us to one of the THREE MAIN METABOLISM GROUPS, each characterized by a different tolerance for different foods.
After solving the quiz you will receive the result of specifying your metabolic type and a brief description.
In the application, you will find a detailed description of the type, that will make your life easier day by day. In addition, you get the exact list of products that you should eat and those you should set aside to feel great.
The application also includes principles of nutrition tailored to your type of metabolism. If you decide that you gave answers under the influence of others or in accordance with the principles of nutrition, which until now you thought was healthy, and now you are in doubt – you can always repeat the test and get the correct result for your metabolic intelligence (MIQ).

An additional option is DIET TIMER that reminds you of mealtimes. You decide about the specified hours, frequency of communications and days on which you want to receive notifications. To motivate you to effectively use your MIQ, in every additional information, you will get the new guideline tailored to your type of metabolism.
If you get tired of receiving TIPS simply use the option to OFF.

What gives you the knowledge and awareness of your Metabolic IQ? :

• Adaptation of the diet to the specific needs of your body.
• Reaching your ideal weight and maintain it effortlessly.
• Inflow of energy and well-being.
• Strengthening the immune system of the body.
• Elimination of indigestion, tiredness and allergies.
• Control of depressive states, anxiety and mood changes.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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