Blood Donor Finder (For BD) – You can find blood donors from this app. It's like a Blood Donor Community.

Blood Donor Finder (For BD)

You can find blood donors from this app. It’s like a Blood Donor Community.

Blood Donor Finder (For BD) screenshot 0Blood Donor Finder (For BD) screenshot 1Blood Donor Finder (For BD) screenshot 2Blood Donor Finder (For BD) screenshot 3Blood Donor Finder (For BD) screenshot 4Blood Donor Finder (For BD) screenshot 5Blood Donor Finder (For BD) screenshot 6Blood Donor Finder (For BD) screenshot 7

*** Till now, this app is only for Bangladesh. ***

In this app, you have to create an account and the User name is unique and unchangeable. Internet have to available to use this app. In this update there are three features.

01. Profile:
– You can check your details
– You can Edit your information except User Name and some informations.
– at the bottom there is a button called “Today I have donated blood !!!”. Press it after donating blood and your profile will show the remaining time for the next donation (90 days).

02. Donor List:
– You can check the list of all donors.
– You can Sort them by User ID, Blood Group, Place.
– Press any donor to check his/her profile.
– You can call or SMS him/her if he/she is available to donate blood.

03. Donor Filter:
– You can filter donor by Blood Group and Place.

04. Blood Bank
– In our our country, there are many Hospitals, NGOs and Groups are working on it. So we have shared the addresses of these Blood Banks.
— Sandhani
— more are coming

05. Blood Types
– About the Blood Groups.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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