Veterinary health record – All your pets' data permanently in your pocket!

Veterinary health record

All your pets’ data permanently in your pocket!

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Veterinary health record is the first app for the continuity of care for all your pets. It allows you to easy record a complete profile of your animal, to create reminders for vaccines, surgeries or appointments to the veterinary doctor….

– A complete overview of your animal, from its name to its weight chart.
– Daily monitoring of treatments administered throughout its life.
– Appointments monitoring (if routine visit (vaccination …) or surgery) for those taken with your favorite veterinary doctor.
– Contact details of the nearest veterinary doctors, farmers and emergencies wherever you are.
– Printable document created in one click.
– Data can be exported and imported from one device to an other.

The application is fully functional for a pet. If you want to add more than one, you can buy the premium version (in-app purchase). As a premium user, you have access to a dedicated backup service and to a website to more easily enter events. And that website can be easily used by your vet!

This app doesn’t replace a real (on paper) health record. It’s important to bring your pet’s health record every time you go to the veterinary doctor. This app is designed to keep in your pocket every necessaries data on your pet at every moment.

For bug reporting or submiting ideas, feel free to contact us : emilionelandroid [at] gmail [dot] com

See more information and download apk file for android:


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