XtremeFit: Gym & Fitness Body – Extreme Fitness – A motivating gym bodybuilding and fitness for a great body

XtremeFit: Gym & Fitness Body

Extreme Fitness – A motivating gym bodybuilding and fitness for a great body

XtremeFit: Gym & Fitness Body screenshot 0XtremeFit: Gym & Fitness Body screenshot 1XtremeFit: Gym & Fitness Body screenshot 2XtremeFit: Gym & Fitness Body screenshot 3XtremeFit: Gym & Fitness Body screenshot 4XtremeFit: Gym & Fitness Body screenshot 5XtremeFit: Gym & Fitness Body screenshot 6XtremeFit: Gym & Fitness Body screenshot 7XtremeFit: Gym & Fitness Body screenshot 8XtremeFit: Gym & Fitness Body screenshot 9XtremeFit: Gym & Fitness Body screenshot 10

Get in shape with our unique fitness program to build muscle and lose fat. Maximize your gym workouts by learning the right exercise techniques and finding motivation with our app starting as early as today!

XtremeFit is body building and fitness app to help you get in the best shape of your life. Provide you access to more than 300 instruction exercises and workout videos. Huge library of nutritional data compatible with FDA database, giving all information you build your track your diet.

Here are some of the features of our fitness app:
• Access to more than 8000 foods and nutritional data to track your diet.
• BMI calculator to help you track your weight loss and bodybuilding progress.
• Workout log to help you track your progress and stay motivated.
• Unique workout programs for men and women.
• Categorized workouts for specific muscle groups: abs, chest, biceps, legs, arms
• Tutorials for how to use different gym equipment
• Share workout log with personal trainer and workout partner.
• Backup and store your workout log to Google Drive and other cloud storage
• Improve your cardio based on recommendation from bodybuilding experts and personal trainers. It’s like having a personal trainer in the palm of your hands
• Unique workout programs for people under 50, under 40, and under 30 years old.

Q1: Are you having difficulties in getting the best out of your fitness program?
Q2: Are you motivated but unable to get personal trainer service to fit your schedule?
XtremeFit is a newer solution that you should consider. XtremeFit app has been developed with main purpose to connect you to personal trainers service where you receive coaching and recommendation on your fitness program and nutrition in order to have better results.

XtremeFit has special sharing feature allowing you to share your workout log with a personal trainer to get recommendations and improve your conditioning. For a personal trainer, this is great way to motivate your clients and help them achieve better results. Recommend this app to your friends, clients and help them move beyond any plateau.

Now, do you want to flaunt your weight loss or muscle building progress?
Use our Motivation Gallery to take a selfie and Instagram it!
Be an inspiration to your friends by capturing daily progress of your workout journey. Build a timeline of how you got in shape. You got in shape and can capture the memory of your hard work!

Whether you are working on your abs, chest, legs or arms, take a picture of your workout that day and share it on Facebook just like others share their meal photos.

Coming soon:
• Access to diet tracker

See more information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com


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