MyWellness – MyWellness Tracker by Medifast


MyWellness Tracker by Medifast

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Get on the right tracker—ours! Whether you’re looking to lose weight, maintain it, or improve your health, The MyWellness Tracker by Medifast helps do it all. Track nutrition, exercise, weight, measurements, even sleep quality and quantity, and much more!

Keep your health and wellness in your own hands and at your fingertips.

MyWellness Tracker by Medifast tracks:
• Meals and nutrition
• Water intake
• Weight
• BMI, body fat percentage
• Measurements
• Sleep patterns
• Exercise
• Progress using graphs for comparison

The Tracker can be used entirely on its own or with any Fitbit® device.

Whichever plan you follow—ours or your own—MyWellness Tracker is your wellness tracker.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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