Baby White Noise+Nursery Rhyme – Help your baby sleep with white noises, background relax music & nursery rhymes

Baby White Noise+Nursery Rhyme

Help your baby sleep with white noises, background relax music & nursery rhymes

Baby White Noise+Nursery Rhyme screenshot 0Baby White Noise+Nursery Rhyme screenshot 1Baby White Noise+Nursery Rhyme screenshot 2Baby White Noise+Nursery Rhyme screenshot 3Baby White Noise+Nursery Rhyme screenshot 4Baby White Noise+Nursery Rhyme screenshot 5Baby White Noise+Nursery Rhyme screenshot 6Baby White Noise+Nursery Rhyme screenshot 7Baby White Noise+Nursery Rhyme screenshot 8Baby White Noise+Nursery Rhyme screenshot 9

Help your baby sleep with the best selection of white noise and background soothing sounds and nursery rhymes.
–This app does NOT have ads–

Designed for busy parents, the one-flick interface will allow you to quickly set it up on the go with one hand (you might need the other to hold your baby!). It also comes with a timer, screen saver, and great unique sounds that will fade out gradually when the timer reaches the end.
You can use them when your baby is agitated or falling asleep. The night-lamp screen saver includes a cloud character and stars that change color and move quietly to help your baby relax.

Instrumental relaxing Nursery Rhymes included:

· Incy Wincy Spider
· Mulberry Bush
· If You’re Happy and You Know it…
· Humpty Dumpty
· Hot Cross Buns
· Twinkle Twinkle…
· This Old Man
· Wheels on the Bus
· Old Macdonald…
· London Bridge is…
· Hickory Dickory Dock
· Baa Baa Black Sheep
· Little Bo Peep

Sounds included:

· Vacuum cleaner
· Heavy rain
· Hair dryer
· Mum’s heartbeat
· Tumble dryer
· Running tap
· Shhh…
· Electric fan
· TV static noise
· Womb
· Tropical noise
· Waterfall
· In the car
· Night sound
· Sea sounds
· Air conditioning
· Train moving
· Piano lullaby
· Nature birds
· Foetal monitor
· Wind
· Clock ticking
· Kettle boiling
· Electronic melody
· Music box
· Lullaby music box
· Lawnmower

Remember babies have just come from an incredibly loud and noisy womb… And if you know anything about babies, you know they like what they are used to. If you want to set your baby up for the best sleep possible, use white noise.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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