Estemylife Saç Ekim ve Tedavi. – Our experts fill in the contact form from you and answer any questions you

Estemylife Saç Ekim ve Tedavi.

Our experts fill in the contact form from you and answer any questions you

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Beauty and a unique view of the history of mankind, which is indispensable request for you by introducing extraordinary innovations of our modern world is our main philosophy to meet with you.

Our goal is to ESTEMYLİF, better and faster your problem for a healthy appearance, producing effective and lasting solutions to refrain from any sacrifice, for you to be aware of our responsibility to provide the best quality and reliable service. You will be happy to experience the beauty of our pride …

Hair Transplantation What is it?
Hair transplantation techniques commonly used in our country are generally two methods of hair transplantation technique is also used for many years. The first one is used techniques FUT technique used in our country for many years and continues to be used. FUT technique of hair loss as a result of many people since the early nineties has helped to re-gain their hair. FUT technique widely used in place since the beginning of the nineties of the year two thousand li primarily located in the United States and is then left to the spread of FUE.

FUE Technique
This technique has been implemented at the beginning of the year two thousand li and is a technique taken definite conclusions. Contrary to what is in the FUT method, this method is implemented through local anesthesia and the results are final. Not scar in the region will be held and applied methods of hair transplantation is done through advanced technology. Regional hair stem cells not unlike the FUE method FUT hair from being transferred to the region of the individual hair. Patients with genetic hair loss even after the FUE method does not face the future with a question. After FUE method is applied can result in a period of approximately two to three months.

FUT Technique
This technique is applied to a large extent plantation general anesthesia depending on the patient’s condition. This method of hair transplant materials used in technological tools and the patient should be prepared in this manner and a complete surgical hair transplantation technique results will not guarantee one hundred percent of the results. Likely to be wise scar made by the FUT hair transplant technique is very high. The patient’s scalp taken from two strips of being transported to the ear hair which increases the likelihood of scarring.

Hair Transplant Centers
Turkey preferred countries in the world with the frequency and success of plantation operation between ranks second. To make hair transplantation in Turkey both cheap and quality. Although their contribution to health tourism centers, hair transplantation great though some important criteria when choosing these centers also need to be considered. … More info

Hair Transplant Prices
One of the most curious subject during Hair Transplant Hair Transplant Prices revenue. Criteria designated by the Ministry of Health is prohibited to publish the plantation price on their website. Hair transplantation is a serious operation, and varies from person to person. Without seeing the patient, the rates can be misleading in that manner without knowing how many grafts. 5- 6 hours of hair follicles as well as genetic factors in these operations performed hair transplant, hair is fine, thick structure and elongation are important factors that determine the direction of the hair transplant price … more info

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