The Butterfly Diary – A mental health diary for keeping track of panic and anxiety attacks.

The Butterfly Diary

A mental health diary for keeping track of panic and anxiety attacks.

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Panic attacks are a common mental affliction, and often easily treated by physiologists. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a popular method used by physiologists for the treatment of panic attacks. CBT requires the patient to register several details of the panic attack, when and where it happens.

The benefit of panic attack registration is that the patent spends time become aware of their thoughts and physical symptoms in order to better deal with the affliction. CBT is also helpful for phycologists to understand the nature of panic attacks better.

The traditional paper based registration is however quite bothersome for patients. It is not always convenient to carry stacks of paper with you, and it attracts attention to suddenly fill in a form when you are amongst people. These properties of forms means that many patients today wait until the end of a day when they have privacy to log their attacks. By this delayed registration of attacks, important details are often forgotten, and it is common for attacks to not be logged. This paper driven cycle decreases the efficiency of the treatment.

The Butterfly Diary replaces paper forms and is a diary for people suffering from panic attacks. The Butterfly Diary makes it easy and convenient to register panic attacks on your mobile phone.

Better registration of panic attacks help patients better analyse their thoughts in order to better treat panic disorders. The Butterfly Diary is designed to be simple and easy to use by patients, as well as to provide psychologists with better insight and more efficient treatments of panic disorders.

The Butterfly Diary is an eMental Health application developed together with PEPAS, a group of 9 Dutch psychologists, and follows internationally recognised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy protocols. The app support both English and Dutch languages and collects and stores panic attack information, including: time, location, people, duration, complaints, expectation, development, effect, feelings, avoidance, thoughts and notes.

We take your privacy seriously. All registration information is strictly stored only on your mobile phone, your information is private and between you and your psychologist only. Should you wish to delete all registered data, simple delete the app. Please note that backups you perform of your mobile phone may include copies of this app and its data, however The Expert Box B.V. has no control or access to those backups.

We welcome and appreciate your feedback. Later, once you have used the app, do not forget to come back and rate The Butterfly Diary in the Play Store 🙂

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