E-Liquid Nicotine Calculator – E-Liquid Nicotine Consumption/Absorption Calculator

E-Liquid Nicotine Calculator

E-Liquid Nicotine Consumption/Absorption Calculator

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E-Liquid Nicotine Calculator allows you to calculate equivalent of how many analog ‘regular’ cigarettes (in terms of nicotine) you’re inhaling when vaping on e-juice. Application also estimates monthly savings of switching from regular analog cigarettes to vaping.

Web based version of this application is available from: e-liquidcalculator.com

This app is for everyone who’s asking following questions:
– What Nicotine Level Should You Choose?
– What Nicotine Strength Should You Choose?
– E-Liquid/E-juice equal how many cigarettes?
– How much will I save by switching to e-cigarettes and vaping?

Your Daily E-Liquid Consumption:
This is where you enter the quantity of e-liquid (e-juice) for which you want to determine analog cigarette equivalent. Typical daily consumption varies by many factors, but on average it seems to be anywhere between 2 to 6 ml of e-liquid. E-Liquids are typically sold in packages of 15, 30 or 180 ml.

On average, a typical:
– Nano sized tank will hold approx. 3ml of e-liquid.
– Mini tanks 4.5ml
– and regular sized tanks up to 7ml of e-liquid.
Measurements (explained):
Using metric measurements a single drop of e-liquid is typically being rounded to exactly 0.05 ml (that is, 20 drops per milliliter).
Nicotine Absorption of your E-Liquid:
Absorption of nicotine from an electronic cigarette is approx. 30%. Please note, this very much depends on your personal smoking habit, as well as on the type of vaporizer. 1st generation e-cigarette devices yield was no more than 10%, however with the new generation vaporizers on high watt-age setting you can get a yield of over 50%.”))
Nicotine Content of your E-Liquid:
0 mg/ml  – No nicotine.
3 mg/ml  – The last level in “stepping.”
6 mg/ml  – Still very small nicotine level.
12 mg/ml  – Former light cigarette smokers.
18 mg/ml  – The middle of the road in terms of nicotine. 
24 mg/ml  – The high side of nicotine, preferred by heavy smokers (1 pack per day). 
36 mg/ml  – The highest concentration of nicotine (formerly 2 packs per day).”)) Your E-Liquid (cost per ml)
Enter average cost of 1 milliliter of the e-liquid you’re currently using:
Typically this will be around $0.40 for e-liquids on the lower end of the spectrum, while quality brands will ranging anywhere up to $1.00 per milliliter.”)) Cost of Single Regular Cigarette (your brand) — Enter average cost of 1 regular ‘analog’ cigarette. Typically this will be around $0.50 per smoke.”
Used to Smoke (how many reg. cigarettes a day:
Enter number of regular ‘analog’ cigarettes you used to smoke daily (on average).
Nicotine Yield of Regular Cigarette (your brand):
Enter the nicotine level rating of your favourite cigarette brand. Information can be found on the cigarette label (i.e. 1.2 mg in a medium yield cigarette). This is an actual amount of nicotine (in mg) that gets absorbed by your body.”))
Other Expenses (running costs /month)
This box is to enter your running cost per month. Or in other words, how much money (on average) do you spend every month on buying atomizers, new shiny mods or lost by wasting junk e-liquid.
Total value will end up being excluded from your monthly savings.
Results are calculated as following:
Daily Result: You’re vaping equivalent of x regular cigarettes.
Monthly Result: You’re vaping equivalent of x regular cigarettes.
Monthly Savings: Switching to e-cigarettes saves: $x.xx/month.

Download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/health-fitness


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