Glycemic Index – 2400+ foods and drinks with Glycemic Index for you to know what to eat healthy.

Glycemic Index

2400+ foods and drinks with Glycemic Index for you to know what to eat healthy.

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Want to lose weight in a natural and healthy way? (low-GI diet)
Want to eliminate the risk of developing diabetes, or to control it if you already have it?
Want to lower and control your cholesterol?

With this app you’ll find the answer and much more. Try it, it’s free!

Your health is your most important capital. So if you want to enjoy it as long as possible, it’s important to take care of it!

With a database of more than 2400 records, our free app helps you decide in a second what foods are best for you. Check out their GI before choosing what you’re having for dinner! But don’t forget to give yourself a treat every now and then, to keep up your spirits too.

Now with the Fast GI Computer and an improved help center, you have all these faster and better!

– Search for foods by name.
– Read the glycemic details on any food with just one tap.
– Filter glycemic index based on text queries.
– The lists can be sorted by names, glycemic index or by country.
– A new favorites list can be managed by user.
– The history list retains the last foods that you searched.
– Share a details page with friends.
– Filter a list by food category or by country.
– Fast GI Computer with generic foods listed by category.
– Improved help center.

Extra features:
– Find on the details page more info like the glycemic load (GL), carbohydrate quantity for a food, etc.
– Update the app database anytime if you have an internet connection.
– It allows integration with Google search widget.
– On our information on glycemic index page, you can leave comments with references, which will be taken into account in the future versions of the glycemic index database.
– Added search in food list from fast computer

– Very small size. Our app will not eat up much memory
– Very flexible. It works in landscape, but also in portrait position

Visit our site and leave us your comments, they can help us improve the app.

See detail information:


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