IMM Calendario – IMM Calendar allows you to keep proper control of your menstrual cycle.

IMM Calendario

IMM Calendar allows you to keep proper control of your menstrual cycle.

IMM Calendario screenshot 0IMM Calendario screenshot 1IMM Calendario screenshot 2IMM Calendario screenshot 3IMM Calendario screenshot 4

The IMM – Institute for Women’s Health, offers the best and most simple application for adequate control of the menstrual cycle. IMM Calendar allows easy monitoring and estimate regarding possible dates for the next period, ovulation day, ovulation window, window-risk pregnancy. In addition to alerting you to possible risks that may arise during your period. All you need is to change the length of your cycle, indicating the first day of period and menstrual cycle length.

Calendar IMM also give you tips for you to take it easy the discomforts of the female cycle. Free and no ads !.

This application is only counselor about menstruation and ovulation patterns. Not intended as a contraceptive method, only an auxiliary of the rhythm method. Although this method has a high failure rate even in normal menstrual patterns. While guidance on the likely date of ovulation is not intended as a method to achieve pregnancy in cases of infertility as other factors both in males and females may be responsible for delays pregnancy. While guides and suggests poblacionalmente menstrual pattern is more frequent and suspicious abnormality which is not intended to replace the diagnosis or specialized consultation provided by a licensed health care professional.

See detail information and download apk file:


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