My Kundalini – My Kundalini App – Physical Training Series #1 – Kundalini Yoga Manual

My Kundalini

My Kundalini App – Physical Training Series #1 – Kundalini Yoga Manual

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Yogi Bhajan’s Physical Training Series #1
For practitioners of Kundalini Yoga, this app is a handy all-in-one tool for your daily practice or your teaching kit. This version of the My Kundalini App contains never before published yoga sets by Yogi Bhajan.

In this series Yogi Bhajan focuses on a very rigorous, energetic, challenging approach to Physical Training. These boot camp style classes were held on his lawn at the ranch and he called them “Morning PT.” They are a wonderful, playful combination of Calisthenics style Yoga that fulfill Yogi Bhajan’s credo that everyday we must sweat, meditate and laugh!

Yogi Bhajan said: “These exercises are very, very simple, extremely dynamic and will relieve you of all dis – ease possibilities. We work on the Chakras, we work on the organs and we work on the nervous system.”

Great for a group experience, as it was taught, but also for personal practice. This is really a yoga manual for the new age with user interface that marries current and ancient technology. Wherever your phone goes, so does your yoga class.

-Contains 25 unpublished Yoga Sets
-Graphical overview of each set to determine its level of difficulty
-Yogi Bhajan’s comments on each set
-Built in timer function for each exercise and optional chimes.
-Load your own playlist and control your musical accompaniment directly in the app
-Tune in with “Ong Namo….” to begin
-Yogi Bhajan prayer included at conclusion of each set
-Beautiful interface
-Choose different backgrounds for your yoga poses

Optimal Screen size ratio: 720 x 1280

See detail information and download apk file:


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