MAZZ ZONE – MAZZ ZONE – Bodybuilding Notepad


MAZZ ZONE – Bodybuilding Notepad

MAZZ ZONE screenshot 0MAZZ ZONE screenshot 1MAZZ ZONE screenshot 2MAZZ ZONE screenshot 3MAZZ ZONE screenshot 4MAZZ ZONE screenshot 5MAZZ ZONE screenshot 6MAZZ ZONE screenshot 7MAZZ ZONE screenshot 8

App features:

– Commes with a home screen widget

– Calendar including workout day markers

– Create your own exercises or use existing

– Create up to 5 workouts per day

– Quick input for workout sets including clone, edit, delete options

– Clone or move your workout routines including all data (image, name, description, body weight, sets etc.)

– Monitor your workout records

– Control your body weight

– Option for sending workout data via email, bluetooth, short message etc.

– Progress overview for every part of the body

– One Repetition Maximum (1RM) calculation

– Benefit of future updates


– High performance android native App (not a web app running in the device browser)

– English and German language support

– No Ads

– “Move to SDCard” option included

– No network connection required

Detail information:


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