DietApp Carboidratos – Application carbohydrate count that will be ingested.

DietApp Carboidratos

Application carbohydrate count that will be ingested.

DietApp Carboidratos screenshot 0DietApp Carboidratos screenshot 1DietApp Carboidratos screenshot 2DietApp Carboidratos screenshot 3DietApp Carboidratos screenshot 4DietApp Carboidratos screenshot 5DietApp Carboidratos screenshot 6DietApp Carboidratos screenshot 7

This application targets people who have type 1 diabetes and need to calculate the carbohydrate food before applying insulin in the body. The system comes with pre-registered food with their carbohydrate (CHO) informed, so the user can assemble your meal leaving the application responsibility to calculate the total CHO. After loading the total carbohydrates the user enters the glycemic index pointed in glycemic meter, after the data reported only choose the option to calculate the system brings the correct dose of insulin should be applied. The formula of the dosage can be edited by the user according to what is prescribed by the doctor responsável.A food list is already registered but can be changed and included new alimentos.Traz also a complete manual with all the information about carbohydrate counting. It is an indispensable application for those who need this kind of care.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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