Fun Run – A training app for running a 5K or 10K.

Fun Run

A training app for running a 5K or 10K.

Fun Run screenshot 0Fun Run screenshot 1Fun Run screenshot 2Fun Run screenshot 3

Fun Run is a great application for anyone looking for a good training helper for running a 5K or 10K.
Four programs are included. Beginners can start with the Couch to 5K 9 week system or the Couch to 10K 13 week system. More ambitious runners can try the 6 week Couch to 5K program. Runners who have completed the Couch to 5K system can continue with the Boost to 10K system.

Version 2.1
– Added ability to post runs on Facebook (NOTE: There is a Facebook issue where the log in screen may appear in another language – don’t be alarmed)
– Added ability to type in a note after the run is complete, which will be shown in your log and on Facebook
– Added an option for a beep notification in the last 5 seconds of each app (Thanks Caroline for the suggestion)
– Changed wording from Couch to 5K/10K to Simple 5K/10K

Version 2.0.1
– minor updates

Version 2.0.0:
– Added a Couch to 10K and Boost to 10K system
– Added a detailed view that allows runners to view all the steps for the current day

Original Features include:
– Alternate between walking and jogging
– Skip steps and go back to them as needed
– Voice prompts warn you of upcoming pace changes and when to change
– Vibrate option lets you know when to change pace
– Play your music in the background as you workout
– Maintains a log of your progress

Detail information and download apk file:


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