Eebo Pedometer – Step counter

Eebo Pedometer

Step counter

Eebo Pedometer screenshot 0Eebo Pedometer screenshot 1Eebo Pedometer screenshot 2Eebo Pedometer screenshot 3

The Android application that watches your every step!

Quick features

It counts your steps by using the sensors in the phone.

It calculates the pace (steps per minute), and can help you maintain a desired pace by speaking to you.

Change log from previously unreleased v1.0

New in v2.0:
* Using built-in TTS
* Fix binding to the service
* Layout extends to the screen, supports various screen sizes
* Adjust default sensitivity, add more options
* Fix division by 0 bug
* option for keeping screen always on
* fixed TTS auto installation
* fixed multiple activity starts
* fixed to work on new phones (tested on Samsung Note 3)
* calculate distance and speed based on user’s step length
* calculate approx calories burned based on step length & body weight
* repeated voice notifications about any displayed value
* pause and resume the service
* reset all values

See detail information:


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