GOO.N BABY DIARY – This app is specially created for new parents as if their personal pediatrician


This app is specially created for new parents as if their personal pediatrician

GOO.N BABY DIARY screenshot 0GOO.N BABY DIARY screenshot 1GOO.N BABY DIARY screenshot 2GOO.N BABY DIARY screenshot 3GOO.N BABY DIARY screenshot 4GOO.N BABY DIARY screenshot 5GOO.N BABY DIARY screenshot 6GOO.N BABY DIARY screenshot 7

GOON.BABY DIARY cares most about the parents and baby so we wish to see healthy baby and happy parents.

Our philosophy is those happy moms make happy kids and vice versa. GOON.BABY DIARY provides health information for moms to secure family’s happiness. All information was prepared by Kizuna Mail Project, the non-profit organisation in Japan that supports family institute.

GOON.BABY DIARY has stylish design and easy-to-use interface with the following features:

Diary: create note on several stages of pregnancy with some day-by-day tips on mother’s health care.

Photo album: to display photos of mom and fetal development images.

Baby’s Birthday: Calculate the gestational age and countdown to baby’s due date. Tips: Guide to baby’s food and products by ages.

Weight Record: Record mother’s daily weight with daily summary.

Report – To display fetal development images as note in Diary.

All the information in GOON.BABY DIARY has been approved by pediatrician of GOO.N, Japan.

Detail information:


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