Kinetik Health by Caros – Health Application

Kinetik Health by Caros

Health Application

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Welcome to Kinetik Health Sense – Powered by Caros

At Kinetik and Caros, we believe that staying healthy should be easy for you and those around you, so we’ve designed our health management system to help you see how your key health indicators are changing over time. You can use the app with devices you may have bought in the Health Kit, or with devices that you already own.


EASY TO USE: Pair the Health Kit devices with the app on your phone or tablet, and then use the devices to track your physical activity, sleep quality, weight and blood pressure (this will not work with devices that are not from the Health Sense Kit).

TRACK TRENDS: The app automatically uploads the readings to your own profile on the web, and plots these in charts so that you can see how they’re changing. Please visit our website and see how the web profile could help you www.

ADD YOUR OWN READINGS: With the Kinetik Health sense app you can manually add readings from devices that are not in the Health Kit so that those readings can also be plotted in your profile. You can have any number of graphs in this way (e.g. glucometers), or you can track other information such as calories being eaten.

DEPENDABILITY: Kinetik is an established, leading manufacturer of medical devices offering a range of devices to consumers designed to improve health and wellbeing

DEFINE YOUR SCHEDULE: You can set reminders for taking the readings so that you’re taking readings at time convenient to you, and that can be compared (e.g. at the same time of day).

MAKE IT SOCIAL: You can set up your own Care Network to share your readings with – it’s designed to be small and private. Gain encouragement from friends and family for positive changes. If you want to celebrate a landmark change you can also send a chart to Facebook.

MEDICINE REMINDERS: You can add the medicines you take and any conditions you’re worried about, to your profile, and you’ll get a daily reminder for the medicines you need to take.

DATA PRIVACY: We store the data you upload to your profile (email address, age, gender, medicines, conditions, readings), on the web in a secure environment appropriate for sensitive personal information. The readings, and any other information in your profile will be shared with the people you invite to your Care Network, but not beyond this.

The system is designed only to support lifestyle changes you may be planning to make. It is NOT a medically certified monitoring system, and MUST NOT be used to replace regular visits to your doctor, nor should the data generated be used in any medical records.

We believe that healthcare can be greatly improved with better insights about people’s health and lifestyle, so from time to time we may anonymise and aggregate the data our members store in their profiles and use this aggregated dataset for research purposes. We will never use identifiable data for this. The improvement of quality of life for society in general is a key goal for Caros, so we take the management and analysis of this data very seriously.
Graphics should be IOS screen shots for apple app store… and android for Play store. And taken high resolution. Also one screenshot from an Ipad

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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