Food Additives – Food is full of additives. Dangerous?This app helps you find the answer, free!

Food Additives

Food is full of additives. Dangerous?This app helps you find the answer, free!

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Today’s food is full of additives. Are they dangerous?
Our app helps you find the answer. Try it, it’s free!

This app is the perfect tool while food shopping. In a second, you can find out if they are safe for you and your family or if they are suspicious or dangerous. It also lets you know if they are suitable for vegetarians, vegans or different religious groups.

The app shows the ingredients’ legal status in Australia and New Zealand, Europa and the United States. It allows you to quickly check on more than 500 ingredients. You can search them by E-code, by name or by alternative names.

– You can search for food additives by E-number, by name or by alternative name(s).
– Fast E-CODE Computer for easy and fast search just in codes.
– Light theme and dark theme.
– Customized details page.
– You can filter additives based on text queries, or on risks.
– The lists can be sorted by names or by E numbers.
– A new favorites list can be managed by user.
– The history list retains the last additives that you searched.

– It allows you to check whether an additive is suitable for vegans, vegetarians or for people from different religions.
– It allows integration with Google search widget.
– Zoom in the description field in details page can be done by scale gesture.
– Highlight description words.

Some of additives are harmless, many not quite healthy and several are dangerous.
Many people have experienced various negative reactions to food additives. Certain groups may be more susceptible to adverse effects, such as asthma sufferers, chemically sensitive and allergic individuals, pregnant women or hyperactive children.

So here they are: preservatives and sweeteners, food colorings or taste enhancers, unveiled!

Download apk file:


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