Vacunas Infantiles – Childhood immunization schedule and agenda for Spain pediatric 2015-2016.

Vacunas Infantiles

Childhood immunization schedule and agenda for Spain pediatric 2015-2016.

Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 0Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 1Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 2Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 3Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 4Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 5Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 6Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 7Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 8Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 9Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 10Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 11Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 12Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 13Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 14Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 15Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 16Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 17Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 18Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 19Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 20Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 21Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 22Vacunas Infantiles screenshot 23

App History:
A friend who has recently been mom asked me a custom application of Spanish calendar childhood vaccines, because the other apps found not include the ability to store some important information she needed. After several months of work, I made this app and gave it away.
Now I want to share it and offer it to other parents who want to have a good pediatric agenda for children, and consider important the health of their children.
It works for tablet and mobile.
Installation is prefer external.

It is the childhood immunization schedule 2015-16 obtained from data provided by the Ministry of Health and the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, with explanations of the different types of vaccines, contraindications, adverse reactions, and documentation necessary for parents.
It includes tables of percentiles of the WHO (World Health Organization).
It allows to monitor all medical data of your baby, regarding the weight and height, medications, allergies, and other information you consider necessary to store.
You can enjoy half an hour of classical music songs infant crib.
It has a shopping list to fill with special products that you may need to buy for your baby.

It is very important to remember that the data you store in the application are data minors and must comply with current legislation regarding custody of them.

Permits: Installing Children’s Vaccines requests the following permissions:
-Information Personal: Add, read or modify calendar events. It used to add alarms.
Clarification: Although the text of the application default order this full permission (due to plugin activating alarms, and to organize events and send email to guests), responsible for the publication of this computer application Editor ensures that NO emails will be sent, and nOT be accessed confidential information (as those parts of the code are not used).
-Access To Red: Access data connection.
-Storage: Modify or remove the SD content.
-called Phone: Consult the identity and status of the mobile.
-Controls Hardware: Change the audio settings and record sound. This permission is used to play songs of classic children’s music, but not change the configuration and NOT record sound.

See detail information:


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