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Research and information on products and skin cosmetics ingredients

This App is a guide for the dermatologist to the knowledge and use of certain cosmetic products present in the dermocosmetic pharmacy.
Through this application, you can test all of the products listed, the composition, the description and the skin type who advise him. In addition, functional consulting the dictionary, you can learn about the description, function and any limits and restrictions of most of the ingredients for cosmetic use.
The App was created by AIDECO, in collaboration with Pierre Fabbre, to allow the dermatologist prescription fast and appropriate.

AIDECO is scientific association founded in 2007 to render to a meeting point and reference for all those who work in various capacities in modern cosmetology. Fundamental objective of AIDECO is to support an orderly release of the contents related to the dermo-cosmetology, both in terms of public opinion both professional.

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