MyPS – Viewing the recorded data of Pulsense PS-100 and PS-500


Viewing the recorded data of Pulsense PS-100 and PS-500

MyPS screenshot 0MyPS screenshot 1MyPS screenshot 2MyPS screenshot 3MyPS screenshot 4MyPS screenshot 5MyPS screenshot 6MyPS screenshot 7

With MyPS the current Pulse and recorded data of Pulsense PS-100 and PS-500 from Epson are displayed.

– Display current Pulse
– Download the data of Pulsense. And store them in a database.
– Download the data of Pulsense in background.
– Display the day/week/month data. (Step, distance-, sleeping values ??etc)
– Display the pulse data in a chart. With an accuracy of 4 seconds.
– Save Max-/Rest-/Base-Heartrate in the Database andshow them in a chart.
– Create events (sports or other events)
– Display / Change the alarm settings.
– Display / Change the device settings.
– Display / Change the profile settings.
– Set the time in Pulsense on Smartphone-Time.
– Notification over Pulsense. (Telephone, Notification from any App, Schedule)
– Widget for homescreen.
– Export Chart to JPG-File.
– Export Data / Events to CSV-File.
– Force Translation to English.
– Send Data to Google Fit

– German
– English – AhMaizeBalls
– Russian – Gaich
– Spainish – Simeon
– Chinese Simplified – ContactFront
…Thanks to the translators…

The data of Pulsense can only be read by one app. A parallel use of PulsenseView and MyPS etc. is not possible.

You can help me by sending crash reports, or if you want to help me, to translate into your language. Please contact me.

Also I’m interested in information / error / improvement suggestions.

See more information and download apk file for android:


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