LightExistence-Depression Aid – Motivational app to help with your saddest, or darkest of times.

LightExistence-Depression Aid

Motivational app to help with your saddest, or darkest of times.

LightExistence-Depression Aid screenshot 0LightExistence-Depression Aid screenshot 1LightExistence-Depression Aid screenshot 2LightExistence-Depression Aid screenshot 3LightExistence-Depression Aid screenshot 4LightExistence-Depression Aid screenshot 5LightExistence-Depression Aid screenshot 6LightExistence-Depression Aid screenshot 7LightExistence-Depression Aid screenshot 8

Please note that this app has been created with the intention of helping those that may suffer from a lack of motivation, depression, anxiety, sadness or the blues.

This app contains the following modules:
– Diary. To record how you feel.
– Test. To test and see if you are experiencing any form of depression.
– Activities. To record what activities tend to help uplift your mood and motivate you.
– Media. Containing motivational resources of different media forms.
– Thought of the Day. A motivational thought to think about in your free time during the day.
– Inspirational Quotes. Motivational quotes to try and fire up the passion in you again.
– Resources. Outline certain topics about depression and information on it.

Recommended to run on mid to large sized phones or tablets.

Exclusive to android!

No ads, no in-app purchases and completely FREE for everything mentioned above.

Feedback is always appreciated!

Got questions, concerns or comments? Just email me at:

Current Version: 1.1

Disclaimer: This app should not be used as a substitute in place of any professional medical opinions or help. Always seek out a medical professional if you experience any physical and mental health issues.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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