NeuroZoid – Parasympathetic Performance Readiness in the palm of your hand.


Parasympathetic Performance Readiness in the palm of your hand.

NeuroZoid screenshot 0NeuroZoid screenshot 1NeuroZoid screenshot 2

Our devices are used by companies, hospitals and research centres around the world as the clinical standard for parasympathetic measurement. We are now introducing our system to sports performance to give sports scientists the ability to measure fatigue in athletes with the same clinical accuracy.

For the very first time fatigue can be directly measured and quantified.

When you use the Extreme Biometrics fatigue monitor, you don’t just get something vague (“Good”), but instead you get a number (“11.3”). The result is an absolute measure of fatigue that can be used to quantify an athlete’s day-to-day responses to training load.

Quantification of parasympathetic function brings unique advantages in that personalised rates of fatigue and recovery can now be calculated for an athlete, providing you with an objective way of measuring your responses to training load. And because measurement is objective, athletes can be directly compared against each other for an all round view of fatigue across an organisation.

This step change in capability transforms the way in which stamina and fatigue is analysed in elite athletes. Suddenly, the prediction of performance readiness becomes a reality.

Measurement is taken via an ultra high resolution ECG which requires additional hardware that can be purchased via our website.

See detail information:


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