DERMATOLOJİ 2016 – 26th National Congress of Dermatology


26th National Congress of Dermatology

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Dear Colleagues,

26.s of the National Dermatology Congress will be held 19-23 October 2016 in Antalya date. Turkish Society of Dermatology will perform as the Congress has plenary as you have set your first vote of Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases cooperation.

Skin and Venereal Diseases family once will bring more together in this meeting, an intensive scientific program as well as we will benefit from experienced and well-known national and international academics experience in the field, our colleagues can not a nice program easy to forget the social aspects of the different contribution hope you had the time.

Dear Colleagues, 26. The main power of the National Dermatology Congress participants will create their active support. Scientific and social context is waiting for your contribution to realize this congress will be remembered, I offer my respects on behalf of the Turkish Society of Dermatology Board of Directors.

to participate in the largest scientific and social conviviality of our first community, we expect to Antalya in October 2016.

Love and respect,

Prof. dr. Ertan Yilmaz
President of the Turkish Society of Dermatology

Dear Colleagues,

For more than half a century, we are living in the twenty-sixth of the national Congress of Dermatology held in Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases in the pride and excitement of the arrangement with the Turkish Society of Dermatology.

Congresses; Our countries share their knowledge and professional experience of our colleagues from different places come together, meet and establish friendships they or starved their expenses, assign a new step in our profession are important environment where young people meet the dermatology family. The broad participation and comprehensive, which is made on congresses and symposia in the field of dermatology in our country are national dermatology congresses. Both scientific we wish to be worthy of our community, both socially 26th National Congress of Dermatology in Antalya between the dates 19-23 October 2016 will be held in Hotel Rixos Sungate. Our Congress will contribute to our professional development, with a large number of experienced and promise in the areas of domestic and foreign speakers will take place.

Both scientific and social aspects of successful and fruitful congress on behalf of our goals expressed by our Congress Organizing Committee invites you to our dear colleagues, we welcome your participation and your invaluable contribution.

Our respect,

Professor Dr. Wish Bayramgürler
Congress Secretary

Professor Dr. Kiran erythematous
Congress President

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