Stop Smoking Hypnosis (Sale) – Stop smoking today with the soothing power of hypnosis!

Stop Smoking Hypnosis (Sale)

Stop smoking today with the soothing power of hypnosis!

Stop Smoking Hypnosis (Sale) screenshot 0Stop Smoking Hypnosis (Sale) screenshot 1Stop Smoking Hypnosis (Sale) screenshot 2Stop Smoking Hypnosis (Sale) screenshot 3Stop Smoking Hypnosis (Sale) screenshot 4Stop Smoking Hypnosis (Sale) screenshot 5Stop Smoking Hypnosis (Sale) screenshot 6Stop Smoking Hypnosis (Sale) screenshot 7Stop Smoking Hypnosis (Sale) screenshot 8Stop Smoking Hypnosis (Sale) screenshot 9Stop Smoking Hypnosis (Sale) screenshot 10Stop Smoking Hypnosis (Sale) screenshot 11Stop Smoking Hypnosis (Sale) screenshot 12Stop Smoking Hypnosis (Sale) screenshot 13Stop Smoking Hypnosis (Sale) screenshot 14

Quit your smoking habit and start saving money today with the help of hypnosis. If you’re tired of your cigarette addiction, want to be healthy, and want to stop wasting money on a bad habit, this app from Erick Brown is for you.

“Stop Smoking with Hypnosis” is completely customizable, featuring various tools to help you on the road to self help success.

This app features:

* Soothing, therapeutic hypnotherapy tracks from world-renowned hypnotherapist Erick Brown

* High quality, state of the art recordings 

* Hypnosis instructions that can be opted out of once you have learned how hypnosis works

* Your choice of a short or long hypnosis induction

* Your choice of one of eight different soothing background animations and sounds to enhance your hypnosis experience

*Two volume bars to adjust the hypnosis audio and background audio separately for a more user-friendly experience

* Each session can be customized with the option to listen to the hypnosis track up to 11 times

* Customizable wake or sleep endings:

- The option to wake you up when the program has finished

- A built-in alarm clock to wake up at a particular time 

– Program the app to allow you to remain asleep after completing hypnosis 

*In-app store with multiple applications for purchase, from weight loss to attracting love

Erick Brown and his team have worked hard to ensure that whatever you need to make your self-hypnosis session as effective as possible has been included. Use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help you lose weight, gain energy, sleep better and increase your confidence and self-esteem so that you feel better, sexier, happier and more motivated!

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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