SugarySixPack – Get toned fast with HIIT cardio workouts!


Get toned fast with HIIT cardio workouts!

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Get toned with Instagram celebrity and fitness instructor, Niki Klasnic.

Access the best HIIT workouts and maximize your fat loss. You will have your own personal trainer in your pocket, at only a small fraction of the cost. All of the workouts do not require any equipment, so they can be done anytime and anywhere.

Perfect for:
+ Beginners, intermediates and advanced.
+ Busy individuals.
+ People that do not have access to a gym.
+ Someone that wants a personal trainer at 1% of the cost.
+ Someone that wants to supplement their current cardio or workout routine.

+ Video instructions for every single exercise.
+ Built in exercise and rest timer with audio instructions.
+ Save your favorite workouts.
+ Automatically tracks all of your workout history.

+ Access all workouts and new workouts added every week!
+ Access the 30 day jumpstart!

Sugary Six Pack is free to download and comes with 2 free workouts. Upgrading to premium gives you unlimited access to all workouts and is available through an auto-renewing subscription. A 3 month subscription is $24.99 and a yearly subscription is $59.99.

Serious members only. The yearly membership is cheaper than a 1 hour with a personal trainer, a new swimsuit or a one month pass. Which is more important to you? As long as you do the workouts, you WILL see results.

Please note, you must have an active internet connection to use SugarySixPack.

Privacy Policy can be found at:

Terms of Use can be found at:

See more information and download apk file:


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