GoLivzo wellness – Mobile app for lifestyle, wellness and health improvement

GoLivzo wellness

Mobile app for lifestyle, wellness and health improvement

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Our mission to empower people to take control over their diet, activity, mood and overall wellbeing. By providing simple and engaging wellness tools on track, monitor and receive guidance how positively impact their lifestyle.

This app offers a wide range of features to that help people to achieve goals in weight management, lowering stress, staying more motivated and active as well as develop strong connection and community with the people who have similar wellness goals.

Wellness features:
– activity, workouts logging and wearable devices like Fitbit, iWatch, Jawbone and others, with build in GPS location, Picture taking and sharing;
– food logging, calorie calculator to use food log and food scanner with the database of more then 500K food items, with build in GPS location, Picture taking and sharing;
– stress and mood tracker, help to build awareness and help people do their best managing their mood and stress level;
– sleep tracker with manual logging and devices sync;
– body measurement tracker, to keep people more accountable on reaching their weigh management and body mass goals;
– caffein and alcohol login tracker with build-in with build in GPS location, Picture taking and sharing;
– goals setting and tracking on daily bases that follows the most effective SMART goal strategy setting by taking smaller goals along the way to reach out the larger goals.

Social Features:
– ability to setup profile page
– follow and other people on the platform
– messaging between users on the platform, including coaches
– participate in wellness groups and challenge by writing comments, scheduling events
– write comment to community, like others posts and comment on them

Our team livzo_com confident that you’ll experience life journey on our App and web platform.

*Before using app, in order to obtain access code please contact Livzo team by singing in simple form on livzo.com

Detail information and download apk file for android: goo.gl/xwsvPK


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