Treadmill Workouts (P) Latest Version APK for Android

Treadmill Workouts (P) download
Treadmill Workouts (P) download

Run customized workouts on treadmill without having to manage speed & incline. Treadmill Workouts (P) is offered by RFIT. Last Updated: December 10, 2016. Current Version: 1.6

This app is designed for all runners. It will configure your treadmill based on customized workout.
You can create complex workout with any number of segments (intervals) your need and let this app control your treadmill. You can associate music by segment to keep you in the beat.
This app provides a console and display 6 different values to monitor your workout. It can run in background and let you enjoy your music, video or do any other task.
Share your personalized workouts with your friends through the export/import functions. Coaches will find this feature useful.
Workout data can be uploaded to Google Fit (Google account required).
Workouts history and summary are included. History can be exported in CSV format.
The User Profile let you configure you age, height, weight and gender to get an accurate calorie burned value.
For device with Android 4.4 and up, enjoy Chromecast service to display the console on your TV.
You can work in imperial or metric unit.

This edition has unlimited workouts.
Before buying this app, try the free edition to make sure this app is compatible with your treadmill.

English, french.

Coming Next
Next release will provide the ability to repeat a group of intervals.

This app is compatible with Bluetooth enabled treadmills (with PAFERS API).
Refer to for the complete list of compatible treadmills.
Treadmill Workouts should be compatible with the following fitness machines:
BH Fitness, Pafers, Advance Fitness Machines, AeroFit, Bladez Fitness, BodyWorx, Cerbernus, Circle fitness, DKcity, Eurosport, Exerpeutic, ExtremeFit, FitKing, Forma, Fuel, Good Family, Gymstick, Healthstream, Insportline, Intensor, JKfitness, JKexer, Master Motion, Olympikus, Paradigm, Reebok, Spirit Fitness, Iviva, Sportsmaster, Tecnovita, Trojan, Viva fitness, Voit, York Fitness, Abitica.

List of compatible (confirmed) treadmills:
– BH LK700Ti
– BH LK500Ti
– BH S7Ti
– BH S5Ti
– BH S3Ti
– BH S1Ti

Please, share your compatible treadmill with us (brand and model).

If you have any questions and/or comments, email us at

What’s New

V 1.6 P

Export new workout history in TCX and GPX format.

Create repeated segment group.


Treadmill Workouts (P) 2017

Download Treadmill Workouts (P) APK

Treadmill Workouts (P) for Android

Download Treadmill Workouts (P) for Android

Download Treadmill Workouts (P) APK for Android

Treadmill Workouts (P) 1.6 screenshot

Treadmill Workouts (P) screenshot 0Treadmill Workouts (P) screenshot 1Treadmill Workouts (P) screenshot 2Treadmill Workouts (P) screenshot 3Treadmill Workouts (P) screenshot 4Treadmill Workouts (P) screenshot 5Treadmill Workouts (P) screenshot 6Treadmill Workouts (P) screenshot 7Treadmill Workouts (P) screenshot 8Treadmill Workouts (P) screenshot 9Treadmill Workouts (P) screenshot 10Treadmill Workouts (P) screenshot 11

See detail information:

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