Eye Care Panda Latest Version APK for Android

Eye Care Panda download
Eye Care Panda download

Breaks and eye exercises on a schedule. An analogue of EyeLeo for Android. Eye Care Panda is offered by Electronic Rescue Service. Last Updated: December 11, 2016. Current Version: 1.14

Eye Care Panda – an application designed for those who spend a lot of time with a smartphone or tablet, and who find it difficult to escape from the device’s screen, which can cause serious vision problems. The program runs in the background and displays a message box at regular intervals about what you need to take a break, helps relieve eye strain. There are cute panda appears in the window, helping you to perform simple exercises for the eyes.

There are two types of breaks in application: short (repeated every 5-10 minutes spent behind the screen) and big (30-60 min intervals). The intervals and duration of breaks specified by the user when they setting up the application. There is also the possibility of activating sound alerts about the end of the break, or about the start of long break.

The application has a flexible configuration, the intuitive interface and built-in help system.

Before setting up the program we encourage you to review with built-in help (Menu – Help).

Remember that a bad review does not solve the problem, so all technical questions and suggestions send to Vetal_hi-tech@mail.ru

Latest Updates

version 1.13

App autostart after it upgrade

Fixed an app crash on Android 2.x

version 1.12

Ability to select the application language added

Bug fixes

version 1.11

The amount of ads in the main menu reduced.

Bug fixes

version 1.10

The amount of ads in the main menu reduced.

version 1.9

bug fixes

version 1.8

bug fixes

Version 1.7

A problem with the big break when rotating the device fixed.

Version 1.5

Fullscreen breaks.

Version 1.4

Video ads removed from the app.


Eye Care Panda 2017

Eye Care Panda for Android

Download Eye Care Panda for Android

Download Eye Care Panda APK for Android

Eye Care Panda 1.14 screenshot

Eye Care Panda screenshot 0Eye Care Panda screenshot 1Eye Care Panda screenshot 2Eye Care Panda screenshot 3Eye Care Panda screenshot 4Eye Care Panda screenshot 5Eye Care Panda screenshot 6Eye Care Panda screenshot 7Eye Care Panda screenshot 8Eye Care Panda screenshot 9Eye Care Panda screenshot 10Eye Care Panda screenshot 11

Eye Care Panda apk video

Android App Health & Fitness download https://goo.gl/5RNN31


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